101ART CCTV Active Video Balun BNC CAT5 UTP Video Transceiver


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Description :

101ART CCTV Active Video Balun BNC CAT5 UTP Video Transceiver

Features :

Twisted-pair video transceiver is a kind of active launch, active receiving video transmission equipment.This equipment use five classes or five categories above the shielded twisted-pair cable (UTP) as a transmission medium, real-time transmission monochrome or color, NTSC and PAL SECAM video formats such as the baseband signal. Usually transmitters and receivers are used to transmit all the way to combine video signals, nominal transmission distance 1200 metres.

This device according to the transmission distance simply setting transmitter and receiver to dial the code switch, make video signal transmission to achieve the best effect. Twisted-pair video transmission appliance has strong interference suppression, low electromagnetic radiation characteristics, the videophone, RS485 control data, audio, video, or even more road of low-voltage power cable transmission.

In a single twisted-pair four of the line as take a pair of transmission line then all four lines of signal transmission video, even four ways of the combination of many signal transmission also not interfere with each other. Product built-in lightning protection, transient shock protection and other security measures, a strong capacity of adaptation.

Specification :

Video :
Frequency Response : DC 6MHz
Distance Swith : 4 position Adjustable
Common-mode/Differential-mode Rejecion : 15KHz to 5MHz 60dB type

Impedence :
Coax.female BNC : 75 ohms
UTP.Terminal Block : 100 ohms
LED Indicators :
Power on : Red Indicator Light
Active signal Present : Yellow Light

Wire Type :
Network wiring : One unshied Twisted Pair 24-16 AWG(0.5-1.33mm)
Category Type : Cat 5
Imdependance : 100±20 ohms
DC Loop Resistance : 52ohms per 1,000ft(18ohms per 100m)
Differential Capacitance : 19pf /ft max(62pf/m max)

Power :
Power Supply 12V DC : 100Ma max
Evironmental :
Temperature : 0 degree to +50 degree
Humidity : 0 to 95%

Transcent Immunity :
6000V : 1.2 us x 50 uz per ANSI/ IEEE 587 C62.41 B3
1200us when ground screw termal is boned to earth-ground
Demensions excluding BNC : 92 X 61 X 22mm
Material : Metal
Total Weight : 394g
Net Weight : 344g
Color : White

Notice :

The video balun with only one connector is launcher,another(with two connectors) is receiver.

Package Includes :

1 X 101ART CCTV Active Video Balun Set.

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