1.2G Wireless Color CMOS CCTV Security Surveillance Camera Kit


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Description :

1.2G Wireless Color CMOS CCTV Security Kit Surveillance Camera And Receiver

Feature :

It is a 1.2G wirelless camera kit that used to deserve unexpected thing from happening.
Wireless transimission and reception. Light weight, small size, low power consumption.
High sensitivity, easy to install and operat, as well as to conceal.

Specification :

Image pick up device : 1/4
TV system : PAL/NTSC
Resolution : 380TV tines
Scanfrequency : PLA/CCIR : 50Hz, NTSC/EIA : 60Hz

Mini illumination : 3LUX
Output power : 50mw, 200mw
Outputfrerquency : 900~1200MHz
Power supply : DC+8v-12v
Product Size : 14.5x8x2.5cm
Net Weight : 110g

Package Included :

1 x 1.2GHz Security  Wireless CMOS Color Video&Audio Camera
1 x 1.2GHz Security  Wireless Radio AV Receiver
1 x Power supplies
1 x RCA Cable

Details pictures :

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